Motivational Story | Manan Shah – Ethical Hacker success story | #TZsuccesstalks


Friends, failure and problems are a part of our life but always think about the men who have many failures and problems in their life but they never give up and made History.

Manan Shah is an independent computer security consultant and one of the state’s pioneer cyber crimeinvestigator. Hehas not only assisted in solving complex cyber crime cases, but have also played an instrumental role in creating awareness about information security and cyber crimes.
Having conducted more than 30 workshops on “cyber security, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, cyber crime investigation, and more” at various institutions and industries all across india, Manan also speaks at security conferences including BlackHat, ToorCon, Clubhack, and more.
Being an entrepreuner at heart, Manan founded Avalance Global Solutions, which provides services for organizations to fight cyber crime. He has also created an app called Geekdroid, which canbe used for keeping an eye on the activities of a person through a smartphone.

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