My Top 3 Law of Attraction Success Stories (This Changed My Life)


This video is about My Top 3 Law of Attraction Stories that Changed my life. I share how it happened and also give tools you can apply to TRANSFORM your life. Transcript below…

“Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now, in this video, I’m going to be sharing with you my three top manifestation stories of things that turned out the way that I envisioned them and how that actually went down. My intention for this video is to give you some stories or some signposts of things that you can do in your own life that can give you the ability to really do the same thing. Now, as I say in a lot of my videos, it’s not just about the thinking, it’s also about the beliefs that we have about who we are. It’s also about the action that we’re taking. It’s about the beingness rather than just what we are thinking about. When we come to understand that, that was the game changer for me.

“The first one I’ll share was something that happened right after I learned these ideas and I really started to practice it. I remember it was about six, seven years ago I worked at Nordstrom in women’s shoes and it’s a completely commission job. We get paid 10% commission so whatever we sell for the day is what we make. There’s no hourly base or anything to cover it. I was there for about a year, year and a half. Then I learned and really came to study The Secret. I remember reading a lot of Wayne Dyer and I decided that I was going to set an intention to sell a certain amount in one day.

“Normally, on average, I’d say that we would sell about 2,000 to 3,000 a day was a very average day there. I set a goal and it was on a Sunday so it wasn’t on a Friday, Saturday which are the busy days. I remember that what I did was I was doing affirmations in the morning. What I did was I had a mirror in my bedroom and what I did is I wrote on the mirror in a marker like a dry-erase marker, I wrote that I wanted to sell exactly $6,681. I wrote it down and I remember thinking about it. I remember feeling it and I remember that I went to work that day and it wasn’t a day that was extremely busy. It was just simply that I was so in the mode, so in the zone and it was like I just kept getting good customer after good customer after good customer. I remember that when I left at the end of the day, I checked my number and I sold almost to the dollar. It was within $20 of it, that exact amount.

“Now, I’ll say that my biggest days at that time were … A big day was $5,000 in sales for the day. That’s making 500 bucks in one day in commission. The idea of making that exact number and getting that close … Maybe I didn’t get to the exact dollar amount but I got within $20 of it and it was something that … Then that’s when I decided that this was just something that I should focus on. It was something that really made it more real for me. From that point going forward, it was something that I continued to do. I continued to condition myself, continued to prime myself in the mornings and to really write down the goal. That’s something that maybe you can do if you’re looking to really make it and take it a step further. Write down your goals. There’s something about not just thinking but the actual physical movement of it that I feel like it wires in a completely new way, a more powerful way.

“Now, the second story I have for you has to do with something that happened … It was a more instantaneous one. I was working and this was a couple of years later. I remember that I had a friend that just bought a car from a buddy that had a dealer’s license, meaning that he could go to auctions like car auctions to buy a car and he could get him like a really good deal. Now, I heard about that. He told me about it but unfortunately the guy that got him to hook up ended up moving out of town. What happened was I had this intention and it was something I had no resistance to. It was just something that was a nice idea but I had this intention that I wanted to meet somebody that also had the dealer’s license or the ability to go to an auction like that.

“Literally within two hours of having that intention, I went onto the sales floor and I ended up meeting someone who was the owner who had a smaller dealership. It wasn’t like a Toyota, or a Honda, or a Mercedes-Benz dealership but she had one and I ended up really connecting with her. She had a whole story to how she started her car business. She had to work really hard. I remember she was talking about how she did the same thing I’m talking right now in the sense that she won some money playing baccarat here in Vegas. I live in Vegas. She won five or six grand and then what she did was she invested that. Her uncle had a dealer’s license. She went with him to the car dealership like auction and what she did was she ended up buying her first car for five grand. She sold it for 11 grand….