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I will be able to walk on the path or I will get the floor or I will become a good traveler.
Friends, this is a perfect all-rounder of Shayari Kabaddi, Sandeep Narwal, who is well-known. Sandeep Narwal, born in Sonipat, famous from Kabaddi village of the country, is a great all-rounder of the Pro Kabaddi League and also gave gold medal to Team India in the 2010 and 2014 Asian Games. But friends, do you know Sandeep Narwal’s life is full of struggles, despite being born in the Kabaddi house like Sonipat, If you have to struggle enough to prove yourself in the game of kabaddi, then let the friends know the struggling life of this young man. Sandeep Normal was born on April 5, 1993 in Sonipat, a village in Haryana, friends in Sonipat Kabbadi has always been a popular game and most of the kabaddi players of our country are from here only. Sandeep is always in the kabaddi environment. He wanted to become a kabaddi player. At the age of 8, he started playing kabaddi in his village. He used to play kabaddi from his village team, but whenever the team used to go for a kabaddi in another village, Sandeep is often in the team. Was not included and for this reason Sandeep would have often left behind friends Sandeep played kabaddi in his school besides his village and he would go out and play kabaddi. Once his school got a block level kabaddi competition, and many nearby team of schools came to play kabaddi in his school, taking advantage of the opportunity, Sandeep played a lot of kabaddi and soon he came out from the house. It was for the first time that Sandeep got special encouragement for his kabaddi, after which he participated in many school level kabaddi Nevertheless, they do not have any special opportunity till the age of 15, but once the team of the Sport Authority of India came in their village and they recognized Sandeep’s special kabaddi skills and they were given excellent training of kabaddi. In Gujarat, during training, he got a chance to play kabaddi with many national level players and that is what Guza In the meantime, he met some senior players of his own village who supported Sandeep very much and because of this, he was inducted into the Kabaddi Junior Team for Asian Games in 2010. Sandeep’s performance was very good and Team India was in the finals this year. They also got gold medal because of their good performance and Sandeep’s performance. After friends Asian Games, Sandeep was given the place in the National Kabaddi next few matches he became popular among the spectators, he played 16 matches in which he took 92 radn points and 27 table points to make himself a great kabaddi Players proved to be a turning point of life for the seasoned Kabaddi Season 1 Sandeep Nirmal, they were seen in the first season of Kabaddi. Making a special place in Kabaddi, leaving behind many popular players from Le, and seeing the dream of playing kabaddi nationally at the national level, the guys were seeing the world, due to good performance, Sandeep Narwal was made captain of the Patna Pirates team in season 2 and this With the opportunity to prove himself as a great leader, in season 2, he played 16 matches in which 46 red points and 37 table points The EC3 was also very good for them, and due to this, in the season 4, Telugu Titanans bought them with the highest amount of 4500000, as well as this year they also got an opportunity to play kabaddi in Asian Games and with their best performance, they gave Team India Helping to win the Gold MedalThey are playing for Bay Telu Titans in season 5 of Kabaddi Kabaddi and so far, playing 12 matches, you can win 32 red points and 331 tomorrow points. … and their best performance is still going on till now. Sandeep Nirmal is said to be one of the most successful players of today’s Indian Kabaddi who wants the water of the floors to make them even before the stones. Friends Sandeep Nirmal’s life is a good example of this hope that you will enjoy this biography and you will definitely like it … friends subscribe to the channel By pressing the bell icon, so that the same video will reach you first thanks